Chasse Galerie
Chasse Galerie
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Inspired by the Quebec Christmas story, our Chasse Galerie café owes its name to our affection for Quebec traditions. It's festive and convivial, and it's a Smith-signed recipe, blending Sumatran and Ethiopian grains. Very versatile, delicious in espresso as well as in a filter, this coffee will please everyone and is the ideal gift for the holiday season!

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Origin: Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe, Indonesia - Sumatra

Roasting profile: Brown Roast

Suggested brewing method: espresso and filter

Species: Varied

Variety: Varied

Process: Natural

Bean Flavours: almond, honey, citrus, balanced

Taste profile:

When brewed as a filter, this coffee presents a remarquable balance between a pronounced sweetness and an enveloping acidity, giving a pleasant round and warm mouthfeel. It has strong cranberry and sugar cane notes, along with a strong body, but the whole has a vegetal softness that makes drinking it black very enjoyable. this cafe offers pleasant notes of almond. It presents a certain bitterness, well balanced by a fairly present sweet roundness. There are delicate citrus notes accompanied by a present, but sweet body. We recommend a finer grind than the usual one.

In espresso, this cafe presents strong notes of orange and citrus. It presents a lively acidity complemented by a sweet side which gives it a roundness and a silky texture in the mouth. It is a very smooth coffee, little bitterness and a body present, but which does not persist. We recommend drinking it without or with very little milk.