Bûches pâtissières Smith Café
Bûche pâtissière Smith Café - Caramel & pistache
Bûche pâtissière Smith Café - Mangue & chocolat exotique
$ 35.00

Holiday logs


For 6 people

Enhance your end of meal with family, friends or colleagues, with our pastry logs, made with care by our Workshop for the end of year celebrations.

* Holiday log at caramel pistachio 
almond biscuit, whipped white chocolate and pistachio ganache, roasted hazelnut chocolate glaze.

*Holiday Log exotic chocolate
Almond and chocolate biscuit, 64% dark chocolate mousse, mango and passion fruit jelly insert.

Our delivery service is not available for this type of product. To pick up your log, go to our Limoilou branch on the date chosen!


How do I pre-order my holiday log?

1/ Choose the flavor of your choice (caramel & pistachio or exotic chocolate);

2/ Click on the "add to cart" button;

3/ Indicate the date of recovery, between Thursday, December 22 et saturday 24 december in the section "special instructions for ordering";

4/ Complete the rest of the steps normally (information and payment).

(do not take into account the information surrounding the delivery)

You can also contact us by phone at +418 529 0096 or by email to caterer.smith@gmail.com or by accessing our contact form here.


Can I cancel my pre-order?

Yes ! You can cancel your pre-order free of charge and receive a 100% refund, up to 7 days before the scheduled delivery date. Any cancellation less than 7 days before the scheduled delivery date will be refunded up to 80% of the total amount of the canceled order. For any cancellation, contact us!