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Mainly composed of coffee from La Bandera farm, we present the story of this passionate producer of coffee. Diego Hidalgo left the United States to settle in Costa Rica and take over the La Bandera farm that belonged to his father. We discovered this coffee during a tasting session of over 60 different coffees on our last trip to Costa Rica. Already won over by this coffee, when we met Diego Hidalgo, attentive, passionate, concerned about the well-being of his employees and the quality of his coffee, it was love at first sight. His farm located on the mountainside bears witness to remarkable infrastructures and produces batches of coffees with unique flavors.

Origin: Costa Rica (Dota de Tarrazu), Honduras (Marcala), India (Malabar)

Roasting profile: Medium Brown Roast

Suggested brewing method: All filter and espresso brewing methods

Species: Arabica

Variety: Varied

Process: White Honey and washed. 

Bean Flavours:Sugar cane, cranberry, sweet.

Taste profile: When brewed as a filter, this coffee presents a remarquable balance between a pronounced sweetness and an enveloping acidity, giving a pleasant round and warm mouthfeel. It has strong cranberry and sugar cane notes, along with a strong body, but the whole has a vegetal softness that makes drinking it black very enjoyable. 

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