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Jerome Turgeon
owner operator

Maison Smith is a family business founded in 2013 and managed by Jérôme, an entrepreneur from Île d'Orléans in business since the early 2000s. It is in fact in Ste-Pétronille that he started his first business. shop, La Chasse-Galerie. His expertise mainly covering retail sales in the tourism and gift sectors (Le Sachem boutiques), he decided to explore a new commercial area: coffee!

The first three branches he opened are in the heart of Old Quebec. The concept and the proposed experience were then exported to his boutique on Île d'Orléans, which also became the roasting space in 2018.

In 2019, Jérôme will operate six cafes, a roasting space and a production workshop in the Quebec City region. It is with the mission of offering both quality products, a relaxed atmosphere and integration into his environment that he works together with his customers and employees. 

Mathilde Plante St-Arnaud

An anthropologist by training, Mathilde joined the Jérôme, La Chasse-Galerie and Le Sachem businesses in 2007, specializing in the sale of native art, as an assistant. She will then work on the development and implementation of the La Maison Smith coffee project. Since its establishment in 2013, Mathilde has managed human and material resources to then focus on the development and management of the company. The consolidation but above all the success of the three La Maison Smith entities: the six cafes, the production workshop and the roasting space represent his professional challenges for 2019. 

Christophe Moniquet

Hotel study, followed by a year of companionship in Michelin stars restaurants in France and Belgium. Opening of its first restaurant in Belgium in 1998, catering service and event organization in 2004, second restaurant in 2006.

From 2012 launch of culinary consultancy with restaurants in Belgium and France. 2015 beginning of the collaboration with Jérome, Mathilde and Maison Smith as a consultant for the creation of the sandwich menu and pastry recipes. In 2018, he joins forces with Jérôme for the development of the workshop.

Alexandre Arce-Moreau

Without hesitation, he embarked on the adventure of the art of baking coffee beans at La Maison Smith. After showing a strong interest as well as an increased attendance for coffee, he was able to develop skills as a barista and then become our future roaster. He was decorated with passion and professionalism with a recognized certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association as a roaster in 2018. He will even have to travel to meet our producers on the various farms in Central America.

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