Costa Rica
Sac Costa Rica - 340g
Sac Costa Rica - 1kg et 2.5kg
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Costa Rica, Los Santos, Tarrazu

Origin: Costa Rica (Los Santos, Tarrazu)

Roasting profile: Brown Roast

Suggested type of infusion: All filter brewing methods.

Coffee family: arabica

Variety: blend of different varieties

Process : Natural

Grains of flavors: Roasted hazelnuts, sweet, balanced

Taste profile: as a filter,   

Since this coffee is mainly made up of coffee from the La Bandera farm, we present to you the story of this passionate coffee producer. Diego Hidalgo left the United States to settle in Costa Rica and take over the La Bandera farm that belonged to his father. We discovered this coffee during a tasting session of over 60 different coffees during our last trip to Costa Rica. Already conquered by this coffee, when we met Diego Hidalgo, attentive, passionate, concerned about the well-being of his employees and the quality of his coffee, it was love at first sight. His farm located on the mountainside bears witness to remarkable infrastructures and produces batches of coffees with unique flavors. 

*** Be advised that grinding coffee accelerates the loss of freshness ***
Please store your coffee in a hermetic jar, at room temperature, in a dry and dark place.

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