Villalobos Santa Lucia
Sac Villalobos Santa Lucia - 340g
Sac Villalobos Santa Lucia - 1kg et 2.5kg
Villalobos Santa Lucia - Ricardo et Mariana Pérez
Villalobos Santa Lucia - récolte grains de café
Villalobos Santa Lucia - séchage grains de café
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Santa Lucia - Villalobos

Origins: Costa Rica - West Valley, Naranjo

Roasting profile: Brown Roast

Suggested type of infusion: filter & espresso

Coffee family: arabica

Variety: Villalobos

Process: red honey (red honey)

Grains of flavors:Grilled, vegetable, black cherry

Taste profile: in the filter, the coffee presents very fruity and sweet flavors which give a pleasant sensation of roundness in the mouth. Its notes of cherries and wild berries harmonize well with its strong presence on the palate, which lets us guess notes of dark chocolate.

In espresso, this coffee has a remarkable intensity of flavours. Its very sweet side is well complemented by a fairly strong bitterness, which leaves little room for acidity. The notes of fruit are very present and this coffee is drunk very well with milk.

This coffee comes from the farm Santa Lucia, located in the West Valley in Costa Rica. Ricardo Pérez, the producer, is a passionate man and when he took possession of this farm, he completely renovated the farm’s installations. He sacrificed profit without hesitation in the name of entirely organic practices. His daughter Mariana will eventually take over the farm, continuing their vision of a clean coffee and technological development. We discovered this coffee during our latest trip to Costa Rica. It is a unique microlot, available to us because we trade directly with the producer. Although our bags don’t wear the official tags, the beans and the farm are certified organic.

We discovered this coffee during our last expedition to Costa Rica. This is a unique microlot available to us through direct purchase from the grower. Although our bags do not bear the official logos, the beans are certified organic on the farm.

Santa Lucia Villalobos is perfect for people looking for a comforting and sweet coffee, but that goes off the beaten track. It is the ideal dessert coffee. From an organic culture and acquired by direct purchase from the producer, this coffee will also charm people concerned about the origin of their coffee.

*** Be advised that grinding coffee accelerates the loss of freshness ***
Please store your coffee in a hermetic jar, at room temperature, in a dry and dark place.

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