Sac Mexique - 340g
Sac Mexique - 1kg et 2.5kg
Mexique producteur - Carlos
Mexique Smith - Carlos
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Origin: Mexico (Veracruz)

Roasting profile: Brown

Suggested type of infusion: espresso and all filter brewing methods.

Coffee family: arabica

Variety: Gold Azteca

Process: washed

Grains of flavors: black pepper, bergamot, balanced

Taste profile: cocoa, lemon and bergamot, a slightly present sugar that draws notes of caramel with a nice roundness in the mouth. Its earthy side even allows us to distinguish woody notes.

This coffee with well-balanced aromas is the result of a unique collaboration between La Maison Smith and Carlos Antonio Peña Vela, who for 12 years has been harvesting strawberries on Île d'Orléans, at the Onésime Pouliot farm. From the importation of the raw material to the roasting, passing through the marketing, it is a turnkey formula that was built especially for Carlos and his coffee, by La Maison Smith. Carlos produces specialty coffee, as opposed to convenience coffees. The advantages of this type of coffee are linked in particular to the fact that the coffee is "traceable", which ensures, among other things, the good treatment of producers and their employees, which is part of a vision of sustainable development. On the other hand, the beans of these coffees are of a better quality, ensuring a better aroma and a better controlled acidity.

*** Be advised that grinding coffee accelerates the loss of freshness ***
Please store your coffee in a hermetic jar, at room temperature, in a dry and dark place.

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