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Barista for more than 10 years, Sarah-Ève has never found an area that fascinates her more than coffee. Self-taught, she rose through the ranks little by little, completing her university studies in literature at Laval University. Sharing her knowledge and opening up discussions about coffee, both with employees from the various backgrounds where she worked and with customers, helped keep her flame burning. She is definitely a quality brew lover with an interest in all aspects of coffee processing, from the plant to the cup!

Sarah-Eve, Manager, Barista Expert & Smith Café Blog Editor 

Barista expert, trainer & writer on our blog. Meet Sarah-Ève every day of the week in our Limoilou branch!

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  • Hello Elaine!

    For a chalet, I would say both are good choices. The Italian coffee maker on the fire will give you a very full-bodied coffee in addition to a still small quantity too. It is for this reason that she is not my ideal, if ever you are more than 2 people at the chalet drinking coffee. The good old filter coffee maker is practical for this kind of place, however you absolutely need electricity to operate it. If you want a stable and light taste this is a good option, especially if you are in a gang. For me, when I'm outdoors or going to the cabin I love having a French press (bodum) because I have control over the power of the taste and I don't need electricity. It's also a nice amount!

    Grinds to request:
    Normally you just have to say what your machine is and your barista will grind it accordingly. From one branch to another it is not necessarily the same grinder parameters, but if you specify that you have an Italian on the fire, a filter machine or a bodum, the baristas will understand the grind to be made :)

    I hope I was able to guide you a little,
    Good holidays ;)

    Sarah Eve le
  • question for Sarah Eve…. According to her, what is the best choice for a coffee maker between... the Italian coffee maker or a percolator...?? kind for a chalet, not too complicated… and what grind for each one, question of optimizing the taste..
    thank you and congratulations for your site!!!

    Elaine Giroux le

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