Filtre réutilisable CoffeeSock - Cold Brew
Filtre réutilisable CoffeeSock - boîte
Filtre réutilisable CoffeeSock - pot mason
Filtre réutilisable CoffeeSock - utilisation
$ 18.99

Reusable Cold Brew Filter

1-Pack Filter - The CoffeeSock filters are durable and can last a year or more.

The CoffeeSock filter are a reusable alternative to paper filters and nylon bags. All of our filters outperform comparable disposable and reusable filters.

Cotton absorbs some of the oils released by the coffee beans while letting the acids pass. The resulting cup is clear, crisp, rich and robust, with all the acidity of paper coffee, without the taste of paper, and all the richness of the French press without the heaviness of the oil.

The CoffeeSock filter are made with certified organic cotton. Unlike paper, cotton does not impart any flavor to the final brew. Cotton is 90% cellulose, a tasteless, odorless compound that is insoluble in water. Wood contains 40-50% cellulose, while hemp contains around 45%.

The CS filters are manufactured in Austin, Texas. All filters are sewn and packaged by happy human beings who earn a fair living wage.


Reusable | Renewable | Economic | Simple

  • Made to fit the container of your choice.
  • Easy Cleanup - Just empty the contents, rinse, and hang up to dry completely.
  • High quality and cheaper than many alternatives on the market.
  • Made from organic cotton - a responsibly produced renewable resource.